Friday, April 10, 2009

You're So Lame Award of Shame

It's the end of the week so how could I forget to pass out the dunce cap?! It's a toss up between Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly but honestly that could be any week. I'd lean towards Rush but his vitriol has become rather predictable as of late. So I guess O'Reilly wins by a nose. Aside from trying to cash in on all things Obama with his book about electing the current President, he's now on a tear with rapper Enimem over his latest music video. Is it because Marshal has used his music videos to display his pathological mistrust and objectification of women and gays? Oh no, nothing that evolved. Not from a man who has engaged in oppressive tactics and sexually harrassed a female co-worker - and still has his job might I add. No O'Liely is mad because Queen of the Tundra Sarah Palin has been satirized in it. Can we bring out the hook now? I'm not showing the video because I cannot support either men's careers. They both need to be ignored and unsupported so they go away permanently. 

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Renee said...

I had the misfortune of coming across the video earlier this week and it was disgusting. I have come to expect this kind of nonsense from Emininen though. The man has some serious issues and needs to run not walk to therapy.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

I couldn't even bother to offend myself by watching it. I have always hated that little white rapper.