Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When It's Hump Day And You Don't Feel Like Writing Anything

Well that just about sums it up. I have numerous bits and pieces of posts coming down the pipeline but I don't feel they're quite publish-ready. Funny enough I have an idea for a book with a female lead about her loves and life. It's not a mere romance story or the dreaded chic-lit fiction. It's about someone with a journey to undertake and all the stops along the way. I'm not sure if I can fit everything I want to say with this character in one book or if it's in fact a series. I've written nearly 400 pages now so this is the farthest I've gone to date. 

I've always enjoyed writing short stories, poetry but have stacks of unfinished manuscripts. I also write songs. I even took a screenwriting class which I received a low grade because you're not supposed to put in camera directions in a script as a writer. So I guess that makes me a potential writer-director then, huh?! About three months after starting this blog I had set a personal goal for myself to write something every day. Which I did today with an early morning post so I'm set, right? Well I like providing quality content. I also want to be disciplined and get all the ideas sharing residence in my head onto the page. 

Since this isn't a gossip blog providing content takes a little time. Last year I was very focused on the election (and I guess we all were). So political commentary ruled. This isn't a political blog per se. It's a little bit of everything, but mostly about social justice. Well...I'm not 100% certain of that either. I think this blog is a reflection of what moves me and what I'm learning about as I become familiar with the works of others far more involved in activism than I. People who get it and are here to ring the alarm so to speak. 

I'm also here to challenge certain long-standing traditions within the Black "community" that many of us fondly remember but doesn't exist anymore. There's nothing like shaking up the comfort zones to get a reaction out of people. On the other hand I'm not getting paid to do this so why would I put that level of effort into it? Well I'm here to check myself and any long-held but useless patterns of thinking and behavior so the quality of my life improves. If anyone else learns something they can use all the better. 

I wonder how I'll keep up this pace when I have future commitments kick in. Obtaining a full life where my efforts are reciprocated is my goal and I look forward to the challenge. Blogging has been a great learning experience. Our thoughts rule our lives. If we can't have a vision for something and release ourselves to follow through on it we will not improve. So this is the time to plant some seeds, pull out the weeds and grow! What are your plans?

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