Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Time Chavez Gives the President A Book Instead of the Middle Finger

Much was made when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez referred to #43 as El Diablo. Really was that such a big deal? Hadn't Bush been involved with those that tried to a) overthrow him and b) kill him? And wasn't it over nationalizing their natural resources and keeping them out of the hands of multi-national corporations (and the US) hands? I watched Syriana and though that's supposed to be a work of fiction I wonder if some declassified info wound up in that script. The last time I checked a sovereign nation is supposed to be able to do what they want with their own country without foreign interference - in theory anyway. 

Now I'm not talking about human trafficking or gross violations of its citizens...but historically when the US was mistreating some of us they didn't want to hear a peep about from say..the UK.  So you think Chavez calling Bush a name was going to mean much? The US corporate-run media really likes to pile on the hypocrisy don't they? 

I mean if we look at the amount of press the teabaggers and other angry white people who don't quite (want to) understand why they're so angry but are railing against #44 for no real reason other than what they hear on Fixed Noise are being given, one could argue for an immediate government censure. Or you know, that oft-neglected FCC Fairness Doctrine being reinstated.

So you know Obama is kicking it in Trinidad (good choice) at the Summit of the Americas with other world leaders and Chavez is offering an olive branch to the US. From one bi-racial President to another. I think it's kinda cool. Chavez gives Obama a book, but not just any book. It's "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent" by Eduardo Galeano which details the exploitation of certain countries by those in the West. It's not as if it isn't true. Perhaps #44 can learn something new that his policy advisors would prefer to ignore. 

Isn't this part of the reason why certain people like Cheney are really pissed off? They can't officially call the shots anymore and whatever mercenaries and gov't infiltrators they're working with may get hung out to dry if anything new comes to light. For that torture memo has been released and Obama may want to let bygones be bygones about the crap that happened under the Bush administration but many of us will certainly not tolerate any open contempt for human rights violations under his

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