Tuesday, April 7, 2009

North Korea Has the Right to Bear Arms

Yeah I said it. The big bad (insert communist, fascist, whatever interchangeable term applies) country dares to flex their defense muscles and build arms. Is it a little scary - yes - but it's their right. North Korea is a sovereign nation. Shall I repeat that?! 

I know our President wants to instate an international disarmament but how will that take place, per chance? Who verifies the nuclear materials have been rendered useless? All the Neo Con war hawks are circling and squawking. Also the United Nations isn't in total agreement about this. The US does NOT have the right to dictate to another country whether they can produce weapons of mass destruction. Not when they have them, Russia, Israel and a host of other countries. Or is it only okay when it's an "ally"? I will say it once and say it again: today's friend could be tomorrow's foe. Today's terrorist may have been yesterday's freedom fighter. 

Maybe if these predominantly male leaders would use some diplomacy for a change instead of being so combative a more amenable relationship amongst nations would emerge. Yeah...I know...I'm taking a trip to Disneyland with that one. I'm just tired of the overreaching tactics of this government that has historically sought to destroy the infrastructure of other countries to retain its dominance. 

Need I remind everyone that our Messiah/Devil Incarnate depending on who you talk to (you know Obama) is not opposed to war? The bottom line is this: either everyone should be able to have them OR no one. Level the playing field and some from the bully pulpits of the world have to then learn to be nice(r). Players only love you when they're playing. 

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Renee said...

I am in 100% agreement with you. I further think it is hypocritical that we are all over Korea and Iran and you Israel has "weapons of mass destruction" and we say nothing. When you're an ally you get a free pass I guess.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%!

If the US (or any other nation) expects another country to disarm then they should lead by example and do the same.

If the US are not willing to get rid of their nuclear weapons WHY should North Korea be expected to? Do they not have the same rights as those countries who are 'allowed' to develop nuclear weapons?

As you point out "today's friend could be tomorrow's foe", just because some nations are perceived to be friendly, things can change in a heartbeat.

Nuclear disarmament should be ALL or NOTHING not one rule for one, and one for another!

Kenny Chen said...

I don't agree with you. If DPRK has nuclear weaposn, Japan would be scared, and they will develop their won. If China sees Japan developing a nuclear weapon, it will not hesitate developing and posturing. If that happens, Taiwan will be scared and will secretly develop. South Korea would have to develop their won to prevent DPRK from attacking, considering its eccentric and unpredictable nature. DPRK will also export this technology to other rogue states such as Syria, iran, and even terrorists to support the regime. Now, why should North korea give up its program?