Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Did American Idol Try to Sabotage Adam Lambert?

So for all you AI stans if you didn't watch it live you missed Adam Lambert's performance. Don't you just hate when programs run long that you've recorded at a set time? For Fox to allow the show to run over is surprising being there are unions involved that assess penalties as well as the rest of the Fox evening line up pending. It's not as if there was a breaking news story that interrupted programming. So the question remains if this was an attempt to undermine Lambert's chances at winning. 

I only started watching 2 weeks ago after seeing so much activity on Twitter during show times. People seem to be more invested than ever. I personally am rooting for at least three people to win and they're all different types of artists with their own appeal. Having the performance cut off would anger some or discourage them from voting. With voting so close and the talent so fierce this season every vote does count. That is of course assuming the votes are actually counted and they're coming strictly from the audience. The results are this evening so we'll see what happens and how the show explains itself. Fremantle Media pulled the video of his performance from YouTube so we can't even watch it. Hmmm the plot thickens!!

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Renee said...

I am a huge Adam Lambert fan. Every week I cannot wait to see what song he does. I really think he should win this year. Bill O'Reilly even took the time to address the fact that there are "embarrassing" photos on the internet of him. Yeah "teh gay activity" is so bad.
I knew they were running into time issues last night and if everyone did not a get a chance to see his performance it was hardly fair. You can bet if by some ridiculous chance he gets eliminated tonight there will be an uproar.