Friday, April 17, 2009

Why You Must Support American Violet

4/25 Update: It has come to my attention the filmmakers have misrepresented this film as one of a black woman overcoming adversity. Instead it shows the same tired racial stereotypes of helpless "welfare" queen who is rescued by the GREAT WHITE SAVIOR. This is the image that we are seeking to dismantle. SHAME ON YOU!!! Please don't waste your time and money. I fell for the okey doke and won't promote anything I haven't actually seen first anymore. I hope my readers will at all times use their critical thinking skills.

We're tired of being portrayed as a grotesque stereotype of ourselves. We don't need another Madea. We must fight against being non-existent in films period. So this is a wonderful opportunity to see a film about a real life African-American woman who fought the law...and won! This is about social justice, fighting an imbalanced legal system, the inequality of being poor and feminism. It's a story of struggle but of triumph.

Trailer for the film.

Interview with the film creators.

Update with Screening Schedule.

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Unknown said...

Amazing movie! I cannot wait to see it and I believe it will be moving.

By the way I had to follow you, you have some pretty interesting tweets x)

Unknown said...

I remember this story in Melody, Texas. WE did a big story on it back in my Phatlip days at NSU. we interviewed some of the relatives. it was crazy but something we knew the police, ATF, and DEA were doing around the country.

The book SNITCH by Ethan Brown touches on how federal agencies use a network of informants (many of who are violent criminals themselves) to set up cases against people with little or no evidence

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Natasha: Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the film and please do a review and send me a message.

Brother OMi: I'm going to look into this book. Funny I thought the way those criminals are used would be considered some form of entrapment.