Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Reason Why Breastmilk Is Best

Despite efforts by multi-national corporations like Nestle pushing formula onto expectant mothers and their "scientific" proof synthetic is as good as the real thing we know this to be propaganda for profit. In fact, it's much worse. First you have to worry about the plastics used to make bottle and nipples not being contaminated. Then the added concern pertained to women in countries lacking clean water mixing the formula and it being unfit for consumption. Now you have to look into contamination of the actual formula. 
According to the article: Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Baby Formula c/o ABC News: A study by government researchers released Thursday tested 15 different brands of formula and found a chemical - also found in rocket fuel - contaminating every single one. While the levels of the chemical perchlorate, have been deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency, some worry public health is at risk.
Yeah because the government is a well-oiled, honest, always looking out for the best interests of its citizens entity. Not! I'll believe the EPA when I believe the FDA's finding of "safe" drugs stops ending up with mutli-million dollar lawsuits against Big Pharma and less dead people. 

Where are the right-to-lifers on this? PETA? I mean this is about protecting the children and not using animal products indiscriminately isn't it? Would you trust some bureaucracy with the life of your child? Shall we ask the survivors of DDT exposure how well they fared under a gov't "oopsie"?

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