Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You're So Lame Award of Shame

 Robert Powell (abc video via Y! News)
You know most blogs have what they all refer to as their dunce cap awards to people in the news who deserve them. I've been wanting to do something along those lines myself but didn't want to use dunce cap because it doesn't translate internationally. I think enough of us have some pop culture references under our belt to under the word "LAME". It's kinda like "DUH" but worse! I would call it the idiot award but I think I'd want to use that in every post about someone. So hence the use of the word lame and shame. If more people had some and let it the humiliation be a tool for learning the world might be a kinder place for some.

I just read the latest rogue cop to get caught and face public scorn has quit the force. Oh boo hoo to the now former officer and all around racial arsonist Robert Powell who QUIT the force even though he was on PAID leave after stopping and threatening the Moats family. as Jonetta Collingsworth died. 

I'm certain he's embarrassed but is he sorry? Of course not. He just doesn't want to face public scrutiny and an IAB investigation into his long and sordid history of harassment and any possible skeletons that will come falling out. I doubt he'll even be unemployed for long. He can now be a goon for hire for a private company and beat the crap out of as many Black people as he wants.  

Like the other coward with a badge - Johanes Mehersle - I'm certain Powell will land on his feet. I'm surprised he quit considering the police were fully prepared to cover his ass like they do all cops regardless of their nefarious actions but....celebrity and money won out. If Moats had just been a regular Black man with no connections we'd have NEVER heard of this "incident". So I hope people learn to start using the power of the pen and media to shake up the system a little bit. Now whether this changes anything in the rank and file is another story entirely but NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT! 

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Renee said...

While I totally agree with you that the cop in question is not the least bit repentant, I must still take issue with your use of the word lame to shame him. It is abelist and essentially no different that using the word retard to discipline the behavior of another.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Thanks for your feedback Renee. Perhaps your response is based on how you define the word. If lame had one meaning and exclusively referred to a person with a physical challenge I wouldn't have used it. Since my use of the word is taken from: lacking in force or effectiveness then it is appropriate and correct and as always my choice.