Sunday, April 5, 2009

Whatever Happened to All That Post-9/11 Concern?

Maria Besedin may have lost her case against the Metropolitan Transit Authority but she's a survivor and shero!. She sued them after two male employees, of which were booth and train operators ignored her pleas for assistance as she was being assaulted inside a NYC subway station. They saw her and did nothing but call it in. The male judge threw out the case but they should all be ashamed of themselves. What's the point of having emergency procedures if nobody's going to lift a finger to help their fellow citizenry in a time of need? I don't consider making a phone call a great act of courage either. They could have yelled for help or done something than hide and duck for cover. I imagine if this had happened to their sister/daughter/wife/mother/friend they'd be just as outraged. Where are the real men who understand their role of protecting? I've been on public transit where the men won't even get their lazy behinds out of a seat for a pregnant passenger.

Ms. Besedin should be commended for not retreating into anonymity. What's really sad is the rapist wasn't caught and has been able to continue his terrorism against women. Again, it seems if you are a woman and particularly a woman of color you are on your own. I really suggest women start brushing up on self-defense and learn to handle a weapon. If you don't feel comfortable with that then wear really big rings and carry a whistle. The Sharper Image used to have personal safety devices that would sound an alarm when activated. Women have to be ever diligent. It could be the difference between your life and the assailant's. Since they're the one committing the crime they don't care and they don't deserve any deference. It's the law of the jungle: kill or be killed. I'm not going down without a fight.

The other unresolved issue that rears itself is the MTA procedures for an emergency. It took nearly 15 minutes for the police to respond. If that had been a bomb, chemical weapon or shooter everyone in the vicinity would've been toast. It's very likely the next terror attack that occurs will be launched in a densely populated urban area and probably the poorer residential areas where crime is already rampant. If law enforcement and government agencies don't start preparing better for that the fallout will be catastrophic. 

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