Saturday, April 4, 2009

UK Domestic Violence Ad Jumps the Shark

Keira Knightly filmed this anti-violence advert presumably to decry assaults on women. While the intention was noble I'm just not feeling it. Whoever the creative director was has clearly not had any involvement with actual domestic violence survivors - or just doesn't get it. This advert just seems like a glamorized version of violence to make it look cool and pretty not the heinous crime that it is. There's no depth to this piece at all! The film industry promotes sex and violence on the regular so how do you let the fox in the henhouse dictate an appropriate response to such a serious matter? If a woman or young girl was watching this ad would they have any point of reference to this? They didn't even include a hotline to call in case someone wanted to get help. Of course this is just my opinion. Watch and decide for yourself.

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