Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ladies and Their Gadgets

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand MixersThere's nothing like a high powered gadget to keep a woman happy. Now which gadget am I referring to you may wonder, be it a KitchenAide Artisan or a Pocket Rocket. Well...that depends...on her needs. There's a certain gadget that works best for say making a dessert. The stiff peaks of a meringue can only be produced by a powerful beater. Other peaks can be achieved with certain other gadgets. Though there is nothing like one on one interaction, it certainly doesn't hurt to know how to please yourself. I advocate we all learn to communicate and reciprocate when it's most beneficial. 

Now I may be a throwback to a previous era but having a well stocked kitchen makes me a very happy woman. I have fantasies about my ideal kitchen just like my ideal mate. My kitchen has a center island, bay windows and a fireplace. I have visions of All-Clad dancing in my head. I also have copper cookware that I personally bought while visiting France. Along with fleur de sel (sea salt), saffron and all sorts of great spices I have a personal garden where I grow basil, rosemary and some vegetables so my food is always fresh. 

You know I love a good catalog. I'd love to be able to purchase anything in the Williams Sonoma booklet without any cost restrictions. Including that custom oven. Since cooking for one can be a bit boring after a while, I'd like to have someone else I want to cook for. Notice I said want not obligated to. One can only throw so many dinner parties. Presentation can make a less than stellar meal appear far more appetizing than you'd imagine. The same goes for people. 

If we take the freshest ingredients, with a good recipe and cook it per instructions we can have a wonderful dish prepared. If we look for the best traits and qualities in people and add our ingredients to the mix and make it just right we can have a wonderful dish prepared. We just need the right ingredients...a flex of our muscles and brains....and we can have a wonderful dish prepared. In the meantime we can play with various gadgets as we figure out what combo works best for our needs.

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