Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Obamas Go to Europe: The World Sighs in Relief

Take that Republicans, so-called feminists stuck on their white privilege, the permanently discontented, the show me the $$$ folks and whomever else has a concern, beef or "doubts" about the Obamas!! They rock! For all the arguments and fake outrage over Michelle's arms, hairstyle and whether she's refined these matters of importance have been put on the shelf. Nobody is as upper crust as the Queen of England. She broke protocol to embrace Michelle. 

Can there be any question as to whether world leaders (and figureheads) are thrilled with this latest administration (at least for now)? The Obamas have already done much to mend the rifts caused by the previous one just by showing up with smiles on their faces it seems. I lived in the UK at the beginning of the Iraq "war". I had to tell people I was Canadian because as soon as I opened my mouth I had people expressing their complete hatred for the US government's actions and especially how much they wanted Bush gone. I was yelled at and given lots of dirty looks. You'd think I would've gotten some slack for being part of the short end of the stick of race relations and discrimination but nooooo. Nobody cared! I was American and I was dirt - even though I made it clear I not only hadn't voted for Bush but was very opposed to his policies. 

The UK media had more balanced coverage of Iraq, didn't squash dissent and showed live coverage of the civilian casualties. Seeing children survive bomb blasts but with missing limbs and other signs of trauma would've outraged me too but of course people in the USA didn't see any of that unless they specifically sought out foreign news sources. So I started using "out" and "about" a lot in my speech and sewed a Maple Leaf to my backpack when I was out..and about. There was a major anti-war protest in Hyde Park where 1 million people showed up. So believe me I remember what it was like. I can imagine how ecstatic average citizens must feel now, but Obama needs to stick to that timetable he laid out for pulling the troops out. I hope Iraqis will have some relief soon.

In the meantime all this goodwill is great! Here's a panel on Larry King (hey I only watched it once this week) discussing their UK visit and the wow factor. Loved the comment about the toothpaste commercial. 

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