Friday, April 17, 2009

Old School Friday

Oh man this week's theme is Blogger's Choice. I had to play this video from the 2004 BET Awards. Even though I don't watch them anymore and BET has been permanently banned I was looking for live footage of the song "Fire & Desire" and this was all I could find. Where's the user generated content when you need it!! Anyway this is the most requested R&B ballad in history and deservedly so. When Rick & Teena sang this song you BELIEVED THEM! I couldn't bear the idea of somebody else butchering this song with a lousy unless somebody's gonna outdo the original vocals and put their foot in it - just leave it ALONE.

So even though Rick James and Teena Marie were a HAM it still has great significance.

I also can't think of any other white female singer who can do soul music at the level of Teena Marie. Not Amy Winehouse, not what's her name...Joss Stone...not anybody. Sorry. Maybe had Eva Cassidy still been around AND had wanted to do R&B. Speaking of you'd be hard-pressed to find a black female singer that can properly do soul music today. Meaning...just the vocal and a great song about love and relationships. No music video gyrations, no Auto-tune, no sex you up nonsense. 

Now having said that there are some really great non-major label, non-overly commercialized artists who can actually sing out there and they should be supported.

Ok now I'm closing with a video and singer sure to throw you a bit, but I've always loved the haunting quality of Lisa Hannigan's voice so here's one of her videos. It's neither soul nor old skool. I'm exercising my right to contradict myself all in the same post! So there...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice mix here! I agree about Rick and Teena Marie's collabo on this song. I am surprised no one has redone this--but like you, glad! LOL

I have not been able to get into many of today's female blue-eyed soul singers. Partly it is because they seem to me so self-conscious about their sound. Maybe with a few more albums someone will emerge. But the key is in discovering your own "soul" instead of trying to repackage what others have done.

Happy OSF!

pjazzypar said...

Not bad! I like these offerings. Nobody does it better than Teena, (sorry Annie Lennox). The ladies you showcased here are very good. Happy OSF.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Postpostracial: There's so much copying of copying going on in the music business - heck the movie industry too - and even with shows like American Idol nobody knows who they are or what they're doing anymore. They're just focused on selling a "product". Which is why the music biz is suffering big time and deservedly so. They need to stop putting out crap and artists need to have lived LIFE and had some training and be allowed to experiment to find their own voices.

pjazzypar: Oh but I really really like Annie Lennox. I always felt her soulfulness and authenticity in every project she does. Now that I think about it - I'm surprised she hasn't recorded an R&B album.