Friday, April 3, 2009

Penn Jillette Doesn't Want Obama To Have Any Power

Yet he claims to "like the guy". Yeah....whatever. I'm all for legit critique of the President and have done so repeatedly. I am also opposed to group think as well, but comparing Bush's popularity after 9/11 and Obama's popularity after Bush destroyed the country is NOT THE SAME THING. One was based on fear, xenophobia and a whole lot of ignorance. Corporate media also got their hands dirty with their propaganda by not offering alternatives to one narrative. I've seen critiques of and outright bashing since the day Obama was sworn in. So the comparison is wholly inaccurate. 

All of this "concern" from white men has me laughing until I want to to cry. Well...not quite but I do find it somewhat frustrating how the corporate media uses these fluff pieces to evaluate (tear down) President Obama's performance and to issue the back-handed compliments. From the ignorant "he's doing to much" to discussing how toned the FLOTUS' arms are this constant drip of whining only shows how inherently racist some white people really are and how they've done NOTHING to get rid of it.

I have one question: Where were you during the Bush administration?


Until I hear some alternative workable ideas, some real policy evaluation and the acknowledgment of systematic racism that has crippled millions this is all blowing air out of your butt. And it stinks!

The other two white men on the panel from Carville looking like Skeletor to the typical Republican hack with hairspray hair were boring or typical with their Frick & Frack routine. CNN has positioned themselves as Fox Lite for the duration of this administration and deserves serious pushback. The brunt of my ire is reserved for a man who performs tricks for a living being propped up by CNN as someone with anything important to say. Do some magic and find a clue. Shades of DL Idiot if you ask me. I'm really glad Stephanie Miller was there to balance out all the BS from the male blowhards.

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