Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adam Lambert & Danny Gokey May End Up The Final Two on American Idol

I am officially an Adam Lambert stan and will plunk down $$$ to see him perform live. Sure this week's performance of Feeling Good was a little showy but between the white suit and the "I'm A Star" descent down the stairs it was perfect. 
As the judges said this is a competition. I've been dismissive of Danny Gokey as I usually find him okay, not spectacular. Now I just did some research and found out the man lost his wife a few weeks before his Idol audition. Awww. I'm still mad Anoop is gone because this week's Rat Pack theme would've been a perfect showcase for his voice. Allison was good but tonight Danny's amazing rendition of Come Rain Or Come Shine showed he wants to win - so I have to give him kudos for a great performance. 
I can't wait to find out who's going home tonight. Fox has declined the request to air the President's address - not sure that was a smart move on their part but we know what the agenda of Rupert Murdoch has been.

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