Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You're So Lame Award of Shame

This week's award again was a toss-up. Pick Rush Limbaugh for his usual idiotic yet divisive statements, Glen Beck for being a Rush wannabe, the Teabaggers who are being used by the Republican Party to stir up trouble or other. I guess I'm going with other. There's some fake brouhaha over the number of Twitter followers between a celebrity and a news organization. Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN. 

There's a race to see who gets across the million-follower mark the fastest. Now bear in mind Kutcher joined Twitter around two months ago and CNN is (supposedly) a reputable news organization. They do tout the use of Twitter and their anchors have accounts. If this was an effort to highlight attention for a charity I wouldn't care, but this is about nothing!

The fact this is even a story is ridiculous in light of the serious issues going on right now like these constant race-based attacks/power maintaining tactics against the President and First Lady. Some may think it's silly and harmless fun but I see it as the epitome of huge egos and misdirection of what's really important. 
Per the Associated Press: The 31-year-old actor recently threw down the gauntlet, challenging CNN and its founder, Ted Turner. In a Web video posted earlier this week, Kutcher said he would ding-dong-ditch Turner's house if he beat CNN to 1 million. Larry King responded by saying: "Are you kidding? Do you think you can take on an entire network? Do you know how big we are? Do you know what CNN is? Kutcher, you're playing out of your field. You're in another time zone. This ain't gonna work. CNN will bury you!"
Okaaay. Step away from the keyboard Larry this really isn't that big of a deal. When we have real stories of women like Asia McGowan being murdered from deranged people who've contacted them online and the millions of children lured by predators this fake Twitter-war is just beyond childish. More power to you though, but wear that dunce cap proudly! 

Update: Kutcher is giving away 10K bed nets for World Malaria Day, but that wasn't the purpose of this little contest. Also he was referencing the followers of the CNNbrk Twitter account which isn't actually owned by CNN. See how ridiculous this is!??

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