Thursday, April 23, 2009

You're So Lame Award of Shame - Asher Roth & Larry Summers

I was deciding between Jackie Chan and some others but then this just came in: Larry Summers fell asleep during a VERY IMPORTANT meeting between the President and members of the Banking Industrial Complex as they have to justify gross overcharges in credit card fees. I guess he hadn't had his Wheaties. This is a huge consumer issue and one where laws enacted to protect us from fraud need to be enforced. Especially after the CBC sold out the Black community in thwarting the ability to include certain debts in bankruptcy filings. Yes we bear some responsibility but we know the amount of credit being issued was usually more than what would be advisable. 

The one strike rule where if you missed one payment your interest rate could nearly double was ridiculous - esp when the banks ask for and get gov't bailouts, favorable rates and other concessions. Summers was already a controversial choice for the Obama administration with his conflicts over gender insensitive statements and his very public fight with Cornell West so you'd think the man would at least TRY to show up for work ready to work, but I suppose that's just too much to ask for!  
So I was all set to publish this when I spent a little early evening Twitter time and lo and behold I've got another entry for ya'll. Some dubious character named Asher Roth who's a rap artist and claims he's about the "culture" of hip-hop yet doesn't want seem to want to properly acknowledge that culture came from BLACK PEOPLE made some off the cuff joke about "nappy headed hos" because he was at Rutgers. Yeah the Imus assault all over again. At least he got a flood of responses from others calling him out on it. He quickly deleted it from his stream and said he was "sorry" - except it had been resent. 

Blogger Byron Crawford did a screen capture so we have the proof. I sent him a message saying he needs to read the posts at Racialicious blog about Hipster racism and get a clue. Oh and the excusers and deniers came out to defend his insult to Black women, because it "doesn't have anything to do with me personally" and "you're being overly sensitive". Including a few very CLUELESS Black women. When will we learn that every "little" slight leads to further depravity? I'm sure he's a nice person and it's all a misunderstanding because he said he meant no harm. Yeah because racialized sexism is just so darn funny, haha. As funny as a gas chamber, hey Roth? Two steps forward, five steps back people!

P.S. Now in the biggest CYA action in recent memory, his PR flunkies are now trying to claim his account had been hacked into. Oh really...then why apologize? People are so concerned about not APPEARING racist they never learn from their mistakes. BIG FAIL!
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Unknown said...

Being a member of Zulu Nation, I get a chance to hang out with a gang of white folks who are into hip hop culture. some are very sincere and several others are clueless.

While I don't say 'hey this is our stuff, stay out...,' I do give them the third degree about learning the history of black people particularly that of people of african descent in this country. That's the problem. While Roth is a better MC then most cats on the radio, he is not my cup of tea.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Wow OMi every time you comment you drop a few more crumbs about your life that I find so fascinating! I'm thinking you should be writing a book...what say you?