Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

  • Susan Boyle showed us spunkiness comes in all forms. It's everybody else that freaked out because they were confronted by a talent that doesn't conform to expectations of youth and a cookie cutter image. 
  • Ashton Kutcher channeled his inner child to punk CNN and Twitter. The 20,ooo malaria nets he bought is supposed to make it okay. It's not!
  • Oprah joined Twitter and the world continued. A few Twitter users argued about who came up with the hashtag #herebeforeoprah first. Whatever!!

  • Teabaggers were exposed for the wingnut racists they are, but you know power concedes nothing without a fight and gnashing of teeth.
  • Attention turned to a young child who was bullied and accused of being gay. He committed suicide at the age of 11 and the people who caused him harm may very well have learned NOTHING from this.
  • The Oprah show got rather explicit about sexual education when advice was given to two 14 year olds that want to have sex with each other. The conversation was difficult, probing and very necessary. There was also a great show on giving advice to families about protecting their kids from predators. You can help get funding for the Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act passed. 
  • The Somali pirates that captured the American vessel were either detained or killed. That still hasn't stopped them from hijacking other ships.
  • The Obamas got a dog and I wondered if the president was a narcissist? The dog's name is BO which are his initials by the way. I know that the girls named the dog...but still.
The Obamas' Dog Has Arrived – at Last!
  • Oh yeah...on a serious note the Torture Memo was released and it's not pretty. No prosecution is coming for those that carried out illegal torture and unlawful detainment. Perhaps next time the US will take security threats more seriously before they occur. 
  • The case of Roxana Saberi shows how yet another journalist can get railroaded by a government. I smell political shenanigans, but I also think it was incredibly risky for an American female of Iranian decent to go to Iran and not have someone want to make an 'example' out of her.
  • Finally.. you can kick up the support for clemency for Troy Davis by signing another petition to Georgia' Governor. 
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Khadija said...

Hello there, Faith!

About Carl Hoover: {very long sigh} I see this as yet another casualty of the non-existent Black family. And, unfortunately, he won't be the last such casualty.

Everyone's childhood has some teasing and other social torments at one time or another. The difference is that most modern AA children don't have the protective influences in their lives that help one cope with these things.

Modern AA children are fatherless. Modern AA children are being raised by single mothers who have often bought into peculiar White cultural ideas about childrearing:

1-No corporal punishment ever. Even regarding toddlers who are too young to respond to reason.

2-Allowing children to have destructive levels of isolating "privacy". This is facilitated by allowing children to turn their bedrooms into studio apartments with their own tvs, radios, computers, etc. Children are allowed to have their own phones, so their conversations are not monitored.

In general, there's no longer any "snooping" (monitoring) of what's going on with the child's interactions or his/her life in general.

This is a stark contrast from my childhood/teenage years where the bulk of my at-home activities/interactions happened in earshot of my parents. I didn't have my own phone, I had to use the one in the kitchen. [Whispering/muttering on the phone was CERTAIN to bring a parent into the room! LOL!] I didn't have my own tv, I had to watch the one in the family room. And so on.

3-An unwillingness to anger the child by applying discipline. Which often stems from wanting to be the child's "pal" instead of their PARENT. [I was always tickled by how my mother describes our relationship: She can be "friendly," and "friend-like." But she's NOT my friend. She's my MOTHER.]

About Susan Boyle: I'm so happy you posted that. I saw the YouTube video of her performance, and I was extremely happy for her. Her amazing singing voice quickly silenced the titters and smirks from the audience and judges. I HATE that sort of condescending cruelty. Good for her.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Yeah I looked into the Hoover family and found that his mother had left an abusive relationship so he had no (good) male role model present and she'd survived cancer. On top of living in a lower income predominantly Black neighborhood. That's a LOT of stress. I guess it's a good thing you didn't see the Oprah episode of the 14 year olds! There's so much talk of how kids have matured faster and I believe that may be true for some of them. The majority though just need less privileges and more parenting.