Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who Believes Steele Has What It Takes To Be the Republican Party Leader?

How can we work this fissure in the Republican party to our advantage? I'm only posting this because someone downloaded it to YouTube. Regular readers of my blog know I cannot stand DL Idiot, but those bright lights are always a clarion call to some of our people. A sucker is born every minute so the saying goes. Apparently only the misogynistic Black woman hating men get a national spotlight (the Perrys, the Smileys, etc). 

Chuck D is always an interesting study. At least I know when he opens his mouth something intelligent will usually come out. Such is not the case for Michael Steele. Oh Michael Steele. Where do we start? I know we so want to clown him because he's corny, lame and dripping with insincerity. He tries to claim some traumatic downtrodden childhood dodging bullets and stepping over crack pipes instead of his quiet lower Middle class upbringing. I bet a shrink would have a field day with all of his obvious issues. At least they seem obvious to me. 

He wants to be liked and has misplaced loyalties but is also distrustful of other Blacks he may not personally know. I'm sure he was teased a lot as a kid but it's time to let it go man! Stop hating on Black people for being Black. You can tell he's mediocre, a people-pleaser and insecure. Everything Obama is NOT. He's someone who would reject his Black heritage if he was recently bi-racial but alas he doesn't have that privilege. So instead he just makes stuff up. Like claiming college students rolled Oreo cookies at him during a speaking engagement. Like complaining about legit criticism of the Bush administration from the get-go. Of course we wanted his policies to fail, look what has happened to the country under his tenure?!!! Hello! He even referenced the photo dearly departed blogger Steve Gilliard had posted on his blog (and removed after all the whining from the attack dog Rethugs who can't take their own medicine) years ago at the SOBU as if it happened yesterday. I mean talk about thin-skinned! If Obama overreacted the way he does he would've never made it through the election. 

Oh but Michelle Malkin of all people still has it on her hate-fest blog, go figure. Beware of all the brown-skinned people who aren't your kin folk
All of a sudden Steele wants the Black community to come together. His entire career has been built on self-interest and working with white allies in a paternalistic fashion. I'm not going to knock that per se, it's just that he's decried Civil Rights and has tried to claim it's all about an individual's effort. He never wants to have a detailed discussion about systematic racism and in fact denies its impact. I get the feeling any legit inroads we might make would be undermined for his own personal gain. After all, when he ran for office he bused in homeless people to canvass neighborhoods in a different state.  So he is not to be considered a full ally. However he might prove useful in the short term. 

I find it interesting that he's insisting on being referred to as the HNIC of the Republican Party when he's simply the RNC Chair, but doesn't speak for the entire party.  Apparently Rush Limbaugh concurs and them's fighting words! 
Monday on his show, Limbaugh said: "You know who needs a little leadership? Michael Steele and those at the RNC."   "It turns out we're the leaders,” he added. “We're going to have to pick them up and drive them back to their core."  In an interview on CNN with D.L. Hughley, Steele assured that he, not Limbaugh, was in charge of the party before saying that he wanted to put the right-wing talker “into context.” “Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer,” Steele said. “Rush Limbaugh, his whole thing is entertainment. Yes it’s incendiary, yes it’s ugly."
As an example Howard Dean served as the DNC Chair and designed the 50 State strategy that Obama used to win amongst other initiatives. Dean is definitely not the leader of the Democratic Party. He didn't even get a position in the Obama administration as a matter of fact because he's not a right fit per a spokesperson. Whatever!! I've let my feelings about Obama working with all the enemies and rewarding them while most of the supporters got sidelined or the axe be known. 

If Steele is serious about building bridges, making inroads and is in fact calling the shots then he needs to cut Limbaugh off at the knees. If that sounds harsh it really isn't. There's a war going on at Rethug central and a real leader knows how to be sweet as well as deadly when necessary. 
From US News: Of concern is that Steele, the party's first black chairman, will be attacked by Limbaugh and other talk show hosts, further splitting the party...Republicans are concerned that a feud between the national party and conservative talk radio would upset donors, who would stop giving to the party. "One possible outcome is that giving by the base, sickly for the last few years, could get even worse," said a key GOP donor. Steele's supporters, however, say that he is not trying to pick a fight with conservative radio and is just trying to counter Democratic charges that Limbaugh—who has engaged in a verbal war with President Obama—is the de facto boss of the party. He is also trying to put the word out there that the GOP is open to other viewpoints.
Personally I don't think he has what it takes. Limbaugh is a bear with sharp teeth and claws but perhaps Steele's ambition will get him to be more shrewd - and ruthless. I really want to know who his secret allies are because Steele isn't doing all of this by himself you know. Until we see who emerges victorious I'll be breaking out the popcorn. 

Update: Before I've even posted the story Steele has already cried uncle....or perhaps the more appropriate term to use would be massa and has apologized to Limballs. See....what a sucker! Round One: Limbaugh & Racists.

To Be Continued I'm sure......

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Miriam said...

The title alone was hilarious!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hey Miriam: You know if there was something else available a sizable amount of Blacks would leave the Dumbocratic party, but those Rethugs just don't get it. I appreciate the Greens for nominating Cynthia McKinney - even as others would deride it and her. Being an Independent voter can be strategic but depending on where you live it limits your ability to vote in local elections. Argh! It's so frustrating, but Steele had one shot at being credible and just through it out the window. So will it be Palin in 2012?

Miriam said...

OOOH Palin scares me. Not in the same way that Hilary does. I think Hilary is fierce, but cold. Palin I fear could actually buckle under alot of stress and do something really irrational. Maybe I'm wrong.