Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Did You Think About The PBO Press Conference?

I thought President Obama conducted himself well and answered each increasingly lame and non-important question with more patience than I would've had. First CBS' Chip Reid started with the nonsense. Then CNN's Ed Henry tried to move an elephant with his obnoxiousness. He may clap his paws with glee over some added attention but he gets no reward for dragging the First Daughters into his stupid gotcha moment. CNN is trying to take over for Fox as most partisan and inflammatory network. It's no coincidence they hire some idiot that used to work at Fox in their quest for bigger ratings. Big FAIL!

So between browsing a few political blogs and Twitter someone mentioned that he only called on a small number of female reporters. When one of them wanted to ask him about race (why?) and how he was faring these some 60 odd days, how was he supposed to respond? We all know Obama DOES NOT LIKE TALKING ABOUT RACE for one thing and two - the question served NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. As he responded, the people may have noticed the historical context but the average citizen is concerned about the economy. 

It seems it's certain right-wing leaning media personalities that are still carping on race and the other pundits are looking for gotcha moments. Anything but actually trying to help support the President's agendas. Even as I question his hiring practices, the loyalties of those that are serving and honestly whether the evil empire infrastructure will be dismantled I do want all the little people to experience some freedom for a change. I can't say the same for those in the media who seem hell-bent on planting seeds of dissent and spreading drama in their wake.

It's time for some new blood and I am tired of all the aging white mostly male faces that not only make up the WH Press Corp but corporate media period. Alas we Blacks let that ship sail and this is what we're left with. No control, marginal representation and a lot of haterade. Thank the stars for us bloggers but that too will be corporatized in a few years. I hope we're taking steps to ensure our participation remains intact. 

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