Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Venida Evans' Ikea Commercials Give Me the Willies

They're like a tickle you want to scratch. Something you can't quite put your finger on. I had to do a search to get the name of the actress who plays what I call the "Oracle of Ikea". For I immediately thought of the Matrix films with actress Gloria Foster who originated that role before she succumbed to cancer. The way they created the character as some all-knowing guru could have lent itself to a stereotype though I just find it a little creepy. 

Yet I am so drawn to the commercials. I believe Ms. Evans has completed six ads now so obviously the response has been very favorable. They're certainly memorable. Apparently I'm not the only person who finds her fascinating. I hope Ikea continues to use her as a spokesperson though they could integrate another long-term secondary character the way Geico uses the British talking gecko, the Cavemen and now the wad of cash with eyes - which by the way is just beyond weird. 

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Leila Daily said...

yeh, i've seen the ikea commercials too. the black woman was kind of creepy to me at first, lol. okay, i'll be honest... she still kinda is, lol.

funny post :)

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hey Black Girl: Thanks for stopping by. I do like the commercials. There's 2 that come to mind: she makes whale sounds while sharing a bed with a couple and advises a woman to get out of the house to meet a man - or a woman - because she doesn't judge. They're hilarious!