Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gwen Ifill on Charlie Rose

One of the best journalists in the business (Ifill) being interviewed by another great journalist (Rose) makes for an interesting pairing. Ifill was on to discuss her book, "The Breakthrough". She makes some interesting points about stealth tactics in running campaigns. My only concern is in whether there's this assumption that these breakthrough candidates will "reach back" and help others (Blacks, poorer folks) or if this just a con. Many of us are not in a position to put all our eggs in one basket.

I'm still waiting for Ifill to have her own show with her name on it - though I'm not sure if that's what she wants. Well...if not her then another accomplished Black journalist or reporter or commentator who isn't Oprah. There's plenty of us on the internets who could fit that bill beautifully! I can't believe Governor Patrick and Rev. Al are in the same age range! I do agree that Cory Booker is one to watch, I am definitely interested in Kamala Harris' run for Attorney General in California and I'd also like to see Donna Edwards continue her ascension. The video is nearly 25 minutes so pace yourself if at work, lol!

Here's the daily recap from the March 16th show (7 min) if you can't watch the entire interview.

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