Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Watched the Conservative Political Action Conference For Laughs

Rush Limbo trying to have "righteous" outrage while still being a contrarian smacks of desperation. He knows Reaganomics has killed the economy and is in serious denial about it. We don't want the country to be the one you prefer! He's talking about the Obama administration as if he's been in office for at least one term instead of 5 weeks. It's the end of an era (error) and the Republicans don't know how to survive. Gov. Jindal fumbled at the end zone and RNC Chair Steele sat on the panel at the SOBU but will do nothing. Pandering only goes so far. 

I won't underestimate their craftiness and cunning though I see the Republicans digging in their heels and further alienating more reasonable people. Power concedes nothing without a fight. I hope enough see this and work even harder to push not just a centrist agenda but a truly liberal one that will finally benefit the poor, women and children.  That will mean going up against the co-opted Democratic politicians as well. For all the ranting Obama is NOT A LIBERAL. 

Now that the Rethugs are scrambling we have a chance to make serious changes of an ethical and spiritual nature. I do believe every super power falls, but perhaps we've been given an opportunity to stem that tide or even make the decline less harsh. I don't know but there is a definite shift in the order of things and we should take heed and prepare.

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Annette C said...

Lost and can't find their way home. They just don't want to admit defeat and will do and say anything to make sure Obama fails. But, Obama is not the average president. I think they have a tough fight ahead!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Greetings: How about lost and need to stay out in the wilderness until they learn to play nice....