Friday, March 27, 2009

Old School Friday

Ah it's the end of the work week for those still lucky enough to have jobs! Or perhaps you're on a career path that's paid out for you in spades. So this week's theme "Bad Day At Work" may or may not apply. Does one have a bad day due to a jerk boss, an incompetent assistant, an overbearing client, an unexpected deadline or because of problems at home? Or considering what's going on today, that "bad day" might just be the day you find out you won't have a job because your entire company has gone under? I wonder how the employees at Lehman felt - those that weren't in the loop or who had left other companies to work there? 

I honestly have no idea what songs would adequately capture the mood of the range of emotions that wouldn't be expletive filled. So I think hugging it out is a better choice. Yup I'm going for the sap, er poignancy. Now that I'm looking at the video with its slice of life visuals and people working....see I was right! Plus I believe him when he says he wants love. Unlike this porno theme I heard on the R&B station last week that made me want to gouge out my ears about some guy wanting to throw a woman on the counter, break out a video camera and....I had to change the station because I didn't want to hear anymore. 

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Anonymous said...

Never would have thought of this one for this theme. But you're right--it does fit. Especially the video.

And I hear you about the pornography (and not even clever and unique pornography at that) masquerading as music. You have to wonder what some of these brothers are overcompensating for with all that wild talk about what they gon' do, what they will do, etc.

Anyway--happy OSF!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hi Postracial: Thanks for stopping by.

Hagar's Daughter said...

Nice choice. What a soothing song.
Have a great weekend.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hagar's Daughter: Thanks for visiting. I heard the song on the radio and thought it summed up the core of what most of us really want: to be loved and secure. Work situations tend to be places where a lot of us don't feel that way.