Monday, March 16, 2009

If You Don't Want BET Part DUH Write to the FCC TODAY!!!!

I like to temper my complaining and outrage with action so in case you're not aware of the vast Bob Johnson conspiracy to make Black people look like fools some more here's the gist:

Ion Media (white company) has "partnered" (though the terms are a secret) with Bob Johnson and Urban Television to petition the FCC to grant Ion an all-access pass to programming that would kick off all the smaller Black and OPC (other people of color) programmers including believe it or not, TV One. The scam is on people! It's a bait and switch because Bob doesn't own Ion and Urban would be granted access through the other company - maybe. Once the deal is made it would be too late to change the terms or nullify it.

Bob Johnson gets to be the Black face for a white company and he even had the nerve to get support from other Blacks to do it. Talk about selling yourself short....and selling each other out for pennies?!!! So the question is: do you want Bob Johnson's second wave of Black bucks/video hos/idiocy staring not only at you - but being broadcast around the world as the ONLY IMAGE OF BLACKS - every day into perpetuity? 

Speak now (actually write a letter and mail it pronto) or forever hold your peace.....
Federal Communications Commission 
Office of the Secretary
445 12th Street S.W. 
Room TW-A325 
Washington, D.C. 20554

File#: BALCT-20081118AGX, et al.; 
          DA 08-2621, DA 08-2772

In the Matter of Paxson Communications Licensee & Urban Television LLC
Assignee, For Creation and Assignment of Full-Power Television Licenses

To the Attention Of:    Commissioner Copps
                                Commissioner Aldelstein
                                Commissioner McDowell

Write your FCC "You had better deny this crap of poo!" (body of the) letter here -

I'll even suggest something so you can cut and paste.   

We do not approve of this pending request from the above-mentioned parties. These companies and organizations DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE ENTIRE BLACK POPULATION in this country. We do not want Bob Johnson and his enablers trading our self-respect for a few trinkets. We do NOT want this deal approved. PLEASE DENY IT!!! 
Read the entire thread at What About Our Daughters for ALL the gory details. I'm going to take another shower now.

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