Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't Wait For the Right Time - Just Go For It

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I'm taking my own advice by the way. Even in this climate of economic upheaval and uncertainty if you have your health and your wits about you, why wait to make all the long-held desires you may be holding on to come true? They may run the gamut from what would be considered mundane to something more life-changing. The timing will never be perfect and even though certain environments may offer a more friendly climate that others what do you have to lose from trying? Now we don't need to do anything foolish or try to force a door open....but why not try the handle to find if it will unlock it? 

Perhaps you focused on a career path that is no longer appealing, or you need to complete your education to be more viable in the job market. Maybe you thought you could put off finding a partner for casual dating. Maybe you feel life has passed you by. Perhaps some of your firmly held beliefs no longer hold water for you. Whatever the case may be it's never too late. Even if you're in your 50's there's still time. 

With the expanded life expectancy many of us will be around through our 70's so looking at the long(est) terms we can still change course if the path we've been on is no longer viable. That's not to say it won't require sacrifice or be easy. Or even be guaranteed, but it's better to try and not "succeed" than to die a little bit every day wondering what could have been. Plus the strategy we may be using could need adjusting and we won't know that if we never try - and try again. 

So I say: shake off the doldrums, your doubts and most importantly any naysayers or those that want to be "helpful" but are oh so discouraging. Legit support is to be cherished though. Make a plan but most importantly: do something and get moving. Your life depends on it.

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