Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have You Checked Out Dhani Tackles the Globe?

Well it's about time we get to see a Travel Channel show with Black people! We do go places you know. I would love to see a show with a regular person versus an NFL star but this is a good start. If we watch the show and petition the network for more shows like this we will. I wish more people would take advantage of the chance to leave the US and see the world while completing their education. There are high school and college exchange programs and if you search there are affordable ones. There are also work exchange programs so you can earn a loonie, peso, euro or pound while you're at it. Plus there's quite a few scholarships available. I wrote an essay and got 1/3 of my expenses covered with it. Financial aid took care of the rest. You don't have to be middle class or wealthy to do it - you just have to want it! Or have someone point out the huge growth potential involved in participating. Here's one of the trailers: 

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