Friday, March 20, 2009

Hard To Believe People Still Think Like This

Via the UK Guardian:
Iris Robinson, the Democratic Unionist MP who referred to homosexuality as an abomination, will not be prosecuted after official complaints were made to the police over her remarks.

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) in Northern Ireland confirmed today it was not proceeding with an investigation into the MP's comments.

Robinson, who is married to Northern Ireland's first minister, Peter Robinson, also said gay people could be "cured" of their homosexuality by psychotherapy.
Oh really? Haven't we already put that whole idea to rest in the 1970's when psychiatric associations declassified it as an illness? I mean labeling it a sickness allowed for all sorts of legal discrimination. It wasn't used in the way addiction is labeled a disease mind you. Though she won't face any legal ramifications, hopefully she will face public scorn that will give her pause. 

As unpleasant as her statements may be I think it's great when people share their inner most thoughts uncensored. We need to know what people really think instead of hiding behind this fake political correctness crap. We need to know who our enemies are and it's much easier to rally against or monitor them when they make themselves known so clearly. Just some food for thought.

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Renee said...

That people still walk around with ideas like this in this day and age is disgusting. That sad part about it is to some people she will be seen as a hero for expressing ideas that they themselves have been afraid to express. I think that we need to make it uncomfortable for people to preach such hate speech. If she is an elected official there should be a call for her resignation. She cannot fairly represent everyone when she clearly has a bias against gays and lesbians.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Well the complaints against her have officially been ignored so there'll be no prosecution. She can only be voted out of office if enough people are willing to push her out.