Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nadya Suleman Doth Protest Too Much

So I'm flipping through the boob tube and I see this frenzy outside the house where Nadya Suleman lives with her soon-to-be 14 strong brood. Whatever your feelings and thoughts are on this situation it was pure chaos and being a fame whore has its drawbacks. She took two of the octuplets home and it was scary to see those paparazzi jumping the car as they tried to pull into the driveway. She claims the attention is very daunting. Who's in charge here? When people really want privacy they can get it. She had Radar Online at the ready inside her home to interview her and the babies already. I'm sensing crocodile tears. 

Thank goodness there's a organization of professional care-givers who will be volunteering to help care for all of the children. Suleman isn't some oddball that we can point and gawk at despite the justification it may bring. She just exemplifies the best and worst of what this country stands for. Self-interest pursuits abound and eagerness to cash in on fleeting fame. Isn't that why people turn to American Idol and Survivor and the Hills and that Kimora Lee Simmons show? 

Some of us want attention and are willing to do anything to get it. We also want the money and privileges that come along with fame. It's just who weighs the cost? How do you know you're surrounding yourself with trustworthy people who have your best interests in mind? She's moved from obscurity to Dr. Phil (a non-practicing "Dr." fame whore) to having Gloria Alred represent her? You know you've made it when you can retain her services. Nadya's getting paid either in kind or some future endorsement deal is in the works. I feel sorry for her neighbors who had no say in her moving to their neighborhood and bringing all the crazy.

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