Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Indoctrination Tactics At Play - Or Just Another Ni88er Movie?

I received this email alert from website All Hip Hop. I may not listen to most of it but I do like to know what's going on.
Hip-Hop star Ice Cube has been cast as a rogue cop in a new action comedy set to be produced titled Ride Along...Cube plays a rogue cop in the comedy, who attempts to sabotage his sister's marriage to a white psychiatrist by taking him for a ride during his work day.
I saw this and immediately thought this movie is going to be a hot mess! I wondered if it was the studio's idea to make it into another black/white comedy. You know how much Hollywood loves those films. I also wondered if the movie ends up with a predominantly Black cast how chock full of stereotypes it will have. You know what I'm talking about! Plus do we really need to making light of the action of rogue cops?

The thing that really raised my ire though was the blurb about the character meddling in his sister's interracial marriage. It doesn't indicate the white husband has done anything wrong, but that Cube's character doesn't like the fact his sister is married to one. Now Black men exercise their rights to date whomever they like so where is this attempt at controlling the mating choices of Black women coming from?

Could it be that it's in the best interest of the bottom-feeders and those that would take advantage of Black women feeling desperate by limiting their choices? Or getting them to believe their choices are limited? So many of us already believe we are not worthy of being protected, cherished and provided for that all sorts of pathologies have emerged. It's time to expose that for the lie that it is!! 

If the situation was reversed and it was a white actor playing a rogue cop out to scare his sister's Black husband, the NAACP would be holding a press conference decrying such a racist script. So why not the reverse? Don't Black men have enough problems to continue perpetuating this type of behavior?

As it is I won't be seeing this film and if it gets completed I heartily support a straight to DVD release. Yet again I am shaking my head at the short-sightedness of those in positions to know better who choose to rub themselves in filth for a buck. I do hope in some twisted way that seeing the interracial couple together will still seep in the message there are plenty of good men available for us and to be open to finding a man of a different race/ethnicity/religion. 

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Renee said...

Well black men will view Cub's character as protecting the innocence and purity of black womanhood. That is always how they frame their sexism; protection by control. The black male patriarchy does not need any more encouragement to try to control the actions of black women they do that just fine on their own thank you.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Well they need a reality check because the ones BW need protection from are mostly BM today!! And cops.