Thursday, March 26, 2009

80's Guilty Pleaure: Xanadu

Ok I admit it: I love Xanadu. I love the roller skates, the leg warmers and the music. The plot of the movie is nonexistent really. Olivia Newton John is one of eight muses and falls in love with the man she was sent to inspire. He's a frustrated artist who has a job painting album covers that he considers an interference to his true passions (opening a roller disco)! Boy have times changed. How many of us would kill for an artistic "job" like that? Me me me! I haven't even mentioned the best part of this movie though: GENE KELLY. It was his last film. The sight of him on roller skates and in a rink is priceless. The choreography was also great. Kenny Ortega got his big career break with this film. He went from dancer to choreographer to director (High School Musical) like another talent - Debbie Allen. Even if you think the movie is cheesy you can safely allow your kids to watch it and I've really come to appreciate not feeling assaulted from what's on the tv these days. Somebody obviously liked the concept so much they brought the concept to Broadway as well.

The theme song and movie finale. Just to jog your memory.

This one scene from the movie was one of the best I think. Who wouldn't have wanted to sing and dance with Kelly?

 Xanadu wasn't the first time Kelly donned roller skates

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