Sunday, March 22, 2009

First You Get Jacked For Your Bags - Now It's For What's In 'Em

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I read this and asked myself if it was April Fool's Day yet, but alas it's not. Apparently there was a sting operation that went down where airline contractors where stealing items out of our checked bags. This went down in St. Louis and they claim it was only one airline, but how much do you want to bet this sort of thing has happened all over the country with all of those suckers? I've recalled having things missing from bags before and the airline liability is a joke! Plus we can't lock our bags without giving them the keys. These are supposed to be highly scrutinized airline employees who have to pass a background/criminal check, but they're stealing?!

See this is why I'm very suspicious of the TSA. We have practically no rights when we "decide" to travel by air. Our bodies are scanned, we have to take off our shoes and they can rifle through all of our most intimate belongings all in the name of "safety". Sounds like a police state to me!

Then to add insult to injury the cheapo airlines - who lobby the government by the way - have stolen our beverages, our food, our kneecap and elbow space and inching closer to our sanity and they wonder why people don't want to fly. Our flights are bumped, the planes aren't being maintained on schedule and the customer service is negligible at best. Unless you're a First Class flier - then you're ok. See how paying more nets you basic hospitality but only accounts for a portion of the airlines' profits while the masses in Coach who are supporting the entire operation get treated like gum on the bottom of their shoe?

I actually was stopped by one of those hacks who measured my carry-on bag for American Airlines and claimed it was too bulky and it had to be checked. They did it to 10 other people. Nobody's going to convince me these airlines aren't involved in some sort of racket - especially when they offer $10 sandwiches on a 5.5 hour flight and not so much as a peanut to tide you over.

Since Amtrak's been severely handicapped for years and we're so ass-backwards in the United States there's no high-speed affordable rail like the TGV in Europe. In fact a lot of the rail tracks that did exist were deliberately torn up thanks to the oil companies working in collusion with the automakers and the government building the highways and ordering interstate traffic. Now that it just costs so darn much they want to rethink it. The roads are crumbling and a proposed bullet train between San Francisco and Los Angeles has a $10B pricetag. I mean I'm all for the train but that's a lot of money you know. 

I question the innovation of those that wanted to be fuel efficient and have an alternative years ago, from electric car technology to using cooking oil as a gas replacement but were thwarted in favor of short term gains and profits for a few. I also want to know when the airlines are going to held accountable for their government bailouts and corporate welfare using tax payer money when they're gouging us. If AIG can be taken to task why not them? I want all of my checked bag fees refunded via the tax return and meal credits. Is that too much to ask?

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