Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Stumbling Out of the DBR Matrix These Are Great First Steps

Or you might consider this part of your escape route when deciding which pill to take when you decide to get out of **DBR-Ville!!

This scene is from the television show The Game. I have mixed feelings about this show overall but this was an excellent example of what a woman should be doing with her life. In case you can't watch it from work the female lead is treating a patient who overhears a c conversation. She offers counsel to her by referencing women who style their hair a certain way as a metaphor for not taking chances in life and weeding out those who would hold her back.

I loved the fact this older woman gave such common sense, no-nonsense advice to the younger (still confused) woman. Her advice is to NOT let OTHER people dictate the standards by which you live! Skip ahead to the portion starting at 1:45 and end at 6:00. A quick backstory: this series is about the relationship between a med student and her NFL player boyfriend. It is based on the real-life story of Staci Robinson who wrote a book titled "Interceptions".

For the series to work the guy is supposed to be decent underneath blah blah blah but honestly he seems to be a lesser value man and the female lead isn't setting high enough standards - which is why their problems constantly obstruct the relationship. They often break up and during one of their off periods he impregnated another woman. The ensuing conflicts from the conflict is why they're not together during this period and the female lead makes another poor decision by sexing her supervisor. This show is a paint-it-by-numbers of WHAT NOT TO DO!

In TV-land things will be wrapped up but the reality is far more tenuous and can have negative generational ramifications. Of course because the male leads on this series are supposed to be a high-profile individuals the implied message here seems to be that any woman who chooses to be with them is going to have to tolerate a lot. Next!

Last time I checked a pig wearing lipstick is still...just...a...pig.

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rikyrah said...

this is the reason I never liked The Game. I never ever got past the premise of this beautiful woman turning away JOHNS HOPKINS for a damn football player, without even benefit of a wedding ring.

never bought the initial premise, so the entire show was downhill from there.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Rikyrah: Agreed! it's the weakness of the show. I'm still surprised Staci Robinson was successful in her lawsuit against the network because it was she who'd pitched the idea as it was based on her life as a UCLA student dating a future NFL draft pick. The real-life story was much more intense and she didn't leave a top med school to chase after a man. It was also interesting that the NFL player involved married/divorced Alexis Phifer who then went on to date Kanye West (another man with issues).

Anonymous said...

Thinking back on how much of this show I actually consumed, it really was painful to watch at times. I had no idea The Game was based (very loosely) on a true story, though. I mostly got "no pro ballers for me" out of the story. I'm going to read up on this some more...