Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV VMA 2009 Madonna Tribute to Michael Jackson

Last night's Video Music Award Show was definitely interesting! It lacked the obvious Vortex of Coonery tendencies except for Kayne West displaying his usual lack of decorum. Some think it was a publicity stunt for ratings but I don't think it was planned. More on that later. Madonna gave a rousing tribute to Michael Jackson where she discussed some of the similarities they shared: i.e. having 8 siblings and being superstars. I didn't agree with everything she said but I appreciated her respect for the joy his talent brings. She mentioned how her sons enjoy listening to his music - I can relate. My nephew has had Thriller on constant rotation and being an innocent 10-year old I'd rather not burst his MJ bubble and let him enjoy it without knowing how faulty adults can be. Childhood innocence is precious and we see what happens when that is taken away or otherwise destroyed.

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Renee said...

I really did not like that at one point she referred to him as a creature. Coming from a White woman that word is extremely problematic. I really did enjoy the rest of her speech and the fact that she repeatedly drove home the fact that he did not have a childhood. I also like the fact that she made it clear that all those people who are mourning his passing had turned their back on him in the last days of his life and had openly mocked him. Like the rev Al Sharpton said on CNN about the faux mourning, "Where were you yesterday?"