Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips Follow-Up Interview on Oprah: Responses From Bijou & Michelle Phillips

After much public scrutiny and some serious blowback from family members, Mac returns to Oprah to defend herself. Who'd expect everyone to be happy with the public airing of such foul behavior? We cannot discount the fact that she has a story to tell even if it's one of such unpleasant details. Apparently it will be revealed that both her sisters have known for years about the incest - even before John Phillips' death. Clearly Mac's sister Bijou feels violated and if I were in her position I think my reaction would be similar when she asked if they knew about the incest why would they have left her alone with her father. If she's been to a qualified therapist I'm certain it would have been discussed that children tend to be singled out for abuse and what happens to one child may not happen to another. As to the response of Michelle Phillips, Mackenzie's one-time stepmother it's clear she doesn't want to hear about it let alone have the entire world know. Admittedly for a good reason, but since it didn't happen to her she has no say in continuing to keep it a secret.

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roslynholcomb said...

As a long-time fan of the Mamas and the Papas, I'm, of course, horrified to hear this. John Phillips was probably one of the most talented songwriters ever, what that man could do with a harmony was amazing. However, Michelle married him was she was only 17 herself and he was considerably older. There is something hinky in her own background with her own father. I'm puzzled by her complaint that the nieces and nephews would be embarrassed. Uh Michelle, you talked about having adulterous affairs including one with Denny Doherty your own husband's bandmate. I think we passed the point of embarrassment with this family a long time ago.

Of course, the family's reaction is typical, but still bizarre.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Roslyn: Thanks for your feedback. Yeah it seems a bit..odd that Michelle P would react so negatively.

Karen said...


You said, "...odd that Michelle P would react so negatively."

Actually given what Roslyn shared about Michelle's background and that typically in child abuse cases many "adults know", there is a strong need to deny that such events ever happened.

To admit that it happened and that the adults did nothing would mean that they would also have to accept responsibility for not taking action and the resulting consquences. Mackenzie's adult life has most likely been spent numbing the pain from the ultimate violation of a child by an adult.

In Michelle's case, I suspect that what happened to Mackenzie reflects all to closely her own past... I have no proof of this, but it would fit the pattern of behaviour she has demonstrated through her actions.