Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whitney Houston Oprah Interview pt 3 & 4: Hiding Pain, Cheating Spouses & Crack is Wack 2009

What do we do to cope with the stresses and disappointments we experience?

Clearly something was eating at Houston but she doesn't reveal what that is during this interview. Nor do I think she needs to. I wonder if she's done the necessary work to get to the root of her problems. I hope this isn't about making money at the expense of her well-being.

Houston reveals that she checked on Brown because he'd been cheating. Remember Karrine Steffans wrote about having sex with him in her book. Not to mention the numerous out of wedlock children he had, the missed child support payments, the drunk driving and what else? I couldn't keep up. How many excuses do we make for the misdeeds of others? It's nice to know Houston took her vows seriously, but blind loyalty with no boundaries or consequences for foul behavior is not what marriage is supposed to be about. I imagine though that God is saying, "I didn't tell you to marry that fool!" Considering where she was at this time in her life though I think her choice in marrying Brown was as much a reflection of her internal cesspool as his.

Hmm is bragging about the types of drugs you use a sign of recovery? That jet set lifestyle has its downside, but where's the ownership from Houston in her own addiction? She's describing the enablers and hangers-on. She also discusses achieving a certain level of fame. The description of the isolation and distance between two people caught in an addiction and dysfunctional relationship is difficult to hear.

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