Monday, September 28, 2009

Reality Star Ruby Discusses Her Life

Reality tv star Ruby was featured on a segment of the Wendy Williams Show last week. I've been pleasantly surprised that the tv version of Wendy is much more personable than radio Wendy. She's had some interesting guests on. During this interview Ruby discusses her 300 lb. weight loss, the struggles of changing your palate and why careful observation of portion size is necessary. She also goes into some details of her personal life an hopes for her future.

Ruby mentions the mind/body connection and how one's mindset can be a stumbling block. I think anyone looking to lose a significant amount of weight has to resolve the underlying issues surrounding their initial weight gain. For some all it takes is a change in eating habits and the addition of an exercise routine. Others need more support.

To successfully let go of the past we have to move forward. Ruby has been an inspiration of sorts because she is someone most would have written off. It's nice to see an example of a determined woman willing to make every effort at change.

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rikyrah said...

good post. she is inspirational.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

rikyrah: Thanks for the feedback - she is an inspiration. This is one reality show I'd highly recommend because we see Ruby's journey unfolding before our very eyes.