Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tyra Show "Hell to Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism Show pt 1

Was a real doosy! Jezebel posted the entire show and labeled these "ministers" bat**** crazy. A husband and wife duo who refer to themselves as the Prophet (her) and the Overseer (him) run a church in Bridgeport, CT may indeed be a fox. Now why would any black person with a shred of dignity or knowledge of history refer to themselves with made-up titles such as an overseer? I don't see a real mental defect. I see utter foolishness! Follow the money trail. To recap, a 16 year old (who admittedly looks more mature) had an exorcism of his "homosexual evil spirit" - only they prefer to call it a casting out. His evil spirit may be gone but he detailed how he noticed his different orientation from the age of five. He may not be acting on his "urges" but he still thinks about it.

These "ministers" of tomfoolery posted the exorcism video on Youtube. The gay teen advocacy group True Colors got the local Child Protection Service agency to remove it. The male minister gets into a shouting match with the female mentor from the group that's trying to help the teen. The female minister states very plainly that regardless of whether the teen acts on his feelings or not that he's still going to hell. They claim to have to have his best interests at heart and that everything they teach is an accurate implementation of the Bible.

Then the Prophet (which only makes me think about the fake LDS leader from Big Love) reveals that she herself has resisted her attraction to other women). How unoriginal. Raging homophobe who speaks out of "love" for the sinner preaching that something is wrong who is also guilty of the thing they condemn.

So while these adults clearly have an interest in how the teen lives his life I'm wondering where his parents are. What doesn't seem to be discussed at all is that this young man has clearly been abandoned and is in the system. I also want to know who's caring for him on a day to day basis. Neither party discussed it nor did the Tyra Show explain this obvious gap. It was all about fighting over an individual's right to live with dignity and shaming young adults with condemnation. That's not the way to lead people to discovering their own religious practice and belief system. That's telling them what they should do (according to you) and why your "religion" is the only religion and those that don't do as you say will be "lost". That is abusive and a classic tactic of manipulation. It assumes that all people believe the same things and removes options from even studying other religious traditions.

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