Saturday, September 26, 2009

Phillips Incest Allegations Continued Discussion with Chynna Phillips

I'm glad I decided to watch yesterday's Oprah Live episode because she had a follow-up interview with Mackenzie Phillips. They discussed the reaction from family and friends. Mac's sister Chynna sat on Oprah's stage to publicly declare she believed the allegations as they had been revealed years earlier. What else can I say?

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snobographer said...

Are those videos yours? Because they're marked private, so I can't see them. I'd like to watch them though. I didn't get to see the Oprah interviews.
I hope Mackenzie Phillips gets through this okay. People have been pretty damn cruel about it, which is unsurprising, but painful to witness nonetheless.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Snobographer: Try again. You should be able to view them now.

Patricia Kayden said...

Not all that surprised - already had heard that "Papa" Phillips was a piece of work. Sad that many adults knew and did not say try to stop it.

bwdb said...

@Patricia K

That's what troubles me...Adults are charged with protecting the children in their lives...I'm pretty sure people suspected SOMETHING was amiss...Unless they were all very much stoned...Not hardly an excuse though...A crying shame!

tlynn said...

I'm truly glad she had the courage to tell her story. My heart goes out to her!