Sunday, September 6, 2009

If No One Else Has A Problem With Things Why Care?

I've been thinking about this for the past few days. In discussing the Chris Brown interview on Larry King, Tyler Perry rewriting and directing the film version of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Was Enuf, the ongoing slaughter (that includes kidnap and rape) of black women and children in the United States by black males (not some far off land and NOT by de evil white males), the very public attacks from other black men who insist black women are not worthy of anything and shouldn't expect anything from anyone and the number of black women who don't seem too upset by any one of these things I wonder if those of us who DO have a problem with this are fighting a battle that's already been lost?

The excuses I hear online and in real life are very disappointing to say the least. I think this is probably more related to a situation I need to distance myself from offline but it is mirroring situations that are being covered online. That's in addition to the political kowtowing of our current President and the state of the economy. Either people are in denial, opposing the wrong things or are just plain overloaded. This is when being a woman in a patriarchal/racist society gets to be burdensome. I'm working on having my support systems and preferred lifestyle in place though!

Opposition is one thing. That lets me know my contribution to dismantling this hierarchy of pain and confusion is working. After all I had questions about the status of black women, why things had deteriorated for so many and how it could be addressed. I was greatly relieved to find answers from more than one source. Now I had to discern what would work best for me and yes I needed to change my thinking AND have it reinforced from time to time. It was always my choice though and I took the time I needed, asked questions and made my own decisions about what mattered most.

Apathy is something else. I cannot and will not subscribe to the theory of things being the way they are for many as being normal - or necessary. It's why many black female bloggers who speak of empowerment or leaving a mentality behind or seeking out men from other backgrounds to marry or not being physically/mentally tied to all black people 24/7 or choosing differently or telling about the specific acts of violence against black women & children that aren't covered on the evening news spend so much time discussing these things.

It isn't because there aren't other things they could be doing! I think there's a saturation point and I may have personally reached mine. I'm not sure yet but I know if I see someone bleeding on the street my instinct is to try to help them not walk away. Yet if they insist it's all in my head or worse yell at me for being alarmed then honestly why should I bother? **When I've had enough of this I doubt that I'll announce it.**

I leave with you with something encouraging from my maternal grandmother's favorite singer.

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Faith, I hear you. As someone who has been fighting for others I long I had the ability to do so, I am dismayed; but I refuse to buckle. As I go back and read the history, it is clear that no president has ever accomplished with out strategic and vocal support from the outside. It was a little preacher called Martin Luther King, Jr. & some church ladies who really pushed political leaders on civil rights. But, all who pushed did not do so without know that it could cost their lives. It did cost hundreds and thousands their lives.

What we have today is a nation of people who are more concerned with money and comfort of ME MYSELF AND I to desire anything. They will sit in a pigpen as long as there might be cash in there also.

When was the last time you saw a church or social organization galvanize or march about anything of substance? Look at the conditions of our schools? It's been in deterioration for decades; NOT ONE COLLECTIVE WORD.

Bush & his henchmen broke every rule for war, oil and profits, but a law abiding would not go that way. What we need is for the people of this nation to start being concerned about something and someone other than self for once. Get active with our so-called leaders from city councils, to mayors, to governors to senators and congress.

When the issue of the education speech came up, one person responded to me that all she wants is to work, live & take care of her family. Basically, she does nto give a rat's behind what happens. The problem with that thinking is that the rat in your neighbors yard is surely headed for yours next; and by the time it reaches your house it would have multiplied.

God help us all!

tertiaryanna said...

"I think there's a saturation point and I may have personally reached mine."

There's a virtue in making sure that your stores are being replenished when you are advocating for others. It's hard to do (I have trouble with it, anyway) but it's important to do.

But I wanted to tell you that your words are lifechanging. I'd love to keep reading your work for a long time, but even if you ended this instant, your words have had a profound impact.

donna darko said...

You're brilliant and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I'm sorry and I see the Internet Ike Turners most of whom are women of color shut you down. I see they shut down Gina, director of the very successful Blogging While Brown conference, too.

Asians have their own form of DBRism too. Most aren't aware of it so you and your friends are ahead of us.

At least we know we are right.

Anonymous said...

Faith, I too enjoy your work and have thought harder than I used to; in fact, you're one of several whose blogs I peruse daily. I do understand the frustration...perhaps this is your "but, but...and this---GAHHH!" stage.

goodness80 said...

I have been reading your posts and they are an inspiration. Please do not believe that what you do is in vain. There will be dissenters and trolls who try to disrupt progress. They know the game is almost over and they really are losing.

Again thank you and the handful of AA female bloggers who care for the welfare of AA women.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Bluebutterfly: As you know from our earlier conversation in another forum that I'm rather upset by the lack of fortitude from these so-called religious leaders at not stepping forward regarding the outlandish racism and supporting health care.

tertiaryanna: I needed to vent today but as soon as I posted this got engrossed in another political "scandal" for the bulk of the day.

donna darko: Thank you for sharing that link. I'd heard about this as well today. Insanity all around I see. Gina hasn't been shut down but there was a giant Wordpress hacker attack across the board.

rainbeaux: I was definitely feeling frustrated today. Thanks.

goodness80: Welcome and thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate it. I realized that I'm overanalyzing some things right now which is making me a little short-tempered in other avenues. Thanks again.

donna darko said...

You're welcome! That link is everything you need to know about what's really happening in the Asian commumity. The CW is the opposite of the truth and my UNconventional wisdom on several items (if you read my latest blog post) is the truth.