Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whitney Houston Oprah Interview pt 5 & 6: Co-Dependency & Rising From the Pit of Despair

Hmm is bragging about the drugs you use a sign of recovery? That jet set lifestyle has its downside. Houston is describing the enablers and hangers-on. She also discusses achieving a certain level of fame. The description of the isolation and distance between two people caught in an addiction and dysfunctional relationship is difficult to hear.

Houston also discusses her choice at elevating her ex-husband to her detriment. She claims she knew she was lost and tried to get back to herself. I wonder what her relatives were doing during this decade of dysfunction but I realize that you cannot save anyone else bent on self-destruction. It's interesting to hear how her mother showed up with the police (with Brown ducking for cover of course) and a court order to force her to go back to rehab. Clearly it had been looooong overdue.

I really hope that Houston is well and in a good place.

The second part of the interview airs today. I'm very curious about how Bobbi Kristina is doing.

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