Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rihanna Who? Chris Brown's Mommy Would Rather Cry For Her Son's Loss of Income Instead!

Now you KNOW I had to discuss the Chris Brown interview that aired last night. The fact Chris Brown and his momma Joyce Hawkins (along with his lawyer thrown in for good measure) appeared on Larry King spoke volumes. This is part of the "Don't Believe What Your Eyes Are Showing You" Tour. Or as Khadija, blog host of Muslim Bushido so aptly wrote about recently: The Mass Gaslighting of African American Women.

We are being pressured to have a pity party for a felon and:
  • Ignore the fact this is a grown man over the age of 18.
  • Ignore the fact he beat and threatened to kill a woman.
  • Ignore the fact the police report states he was a serial abuser.
He claimed to "love" Rihanna. He talked about how difficult this "situation" is. Boo Hoo. He said he couldn't "remember" punching, kicking, biting a woman with one hand, seeing blood splatter the dashboard all while driving a car with the other hand. That's a skill set! Someone from his record label likely screamed at him how that's serial killer talk. So he tried to amend what he STATED VERY PLAINLY by claiming he "misspoke". Which is PR talk for Cover Your A**. See what had happened was/I meant to say.. Give me a break.

We don't remember things that have no meaning to us. So his beating a woman to a bloody pulp was so far down on his list of priorities he couldn't even recall that he'd done it. It had happened so many times before that he couldn't recall that one particular act of violation. He had dance routines he could think of first but using his fist to communicate his inadequacies..nope!

Read the police report for yourself.

I was waiting for a litany of excuses. I was waiting for the "but what about blah blah who did blah blah". The same variation of "my baby isn't a criminal". Mind you this "baby" is a grown man! That doesn't stop these women from ignoring the crimes their sons have committed and declaring them "victims". Victims of what I don't know. Being held responsible is a foreign concept to some people no matter what the price.

Just ask Nathan Walker's mommy. Just ask William Balfour's. Just ask the one who's going to cry for "Jesus" and say you need to "forgive" the next miscreant that shoots at, rapes or steals from you or your child. Ok I'll bite: what about OJ, R Kelly, Miles Davis...and let me tell you the list could go on and on.....and on and on. This history of abuse from black men against black women has always been there to view for those who decided to look and SEE it! It's time to take a stand against this blanket knee-jerk criminal amnesty being given to men who have no REGRETS, haven't CHANGED one iota and have no plans for making amends.

*In case the above video doesn't play I've enclosed a Showbiz Tonight segment about the interview.

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Karen said...

Okay, I just read the police report. The charges should have been "attempted murder" instead of "assault". Putting someone in a headlock with the intent of rendering them unable to breath is to attempt to take a life.
It also shows/proves that violence only will escalate if the victim does not leave the situation. There were two previous unreported occurrences.

It is clear that he at 20 is already very dangerous and damaged. Her injuries were horrific and she is lucky to be alive. It is also clear that she is too much in the hands of "handlers" instead of protected by her family. The first two calls were to assistants, it should have been to the police - PERIOD.

Chris Brown will most likely kill someone if he does not address his issues. However, with the people that he has around him (including his mother), it is unlikely that he will get help and some woman in the future may pay the ultimate price for it.

Footnote: The fact that he could do so much damage with "one hand", also gives possible evidence that it is not the first time he has attacked a woman/girl to this extreme...

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. I found my way here via JackandJillpolitics, who I'd linked to from TNC's blog at the Atlantic.

Wonderful thoughts you express... off now to your archives.


Renee said...

I watched the whole interview and was compeltely disgusted with the whole performance. It is clear Brown is not about taking responsibility for his actions. He is only interested in rehabilitating his image for the purposes of CD sales. I found it horrifying that his mother herself a survivor of domestic abuse sat there and made this out to be a minor one time incident. Is it any wonder that Chris does not take this seriously when everyone around him is so willing to make excuses for him?

Annette C said...

All of this is true...but the fact is the abused grow up to be abusers. I hope he gets the proper counseling and medication to curb his violent tendencies, because he will kill the next girl. I think part of her tears was showing her sorrow in putting her child through this. They always say to not stay w/the abuser for the sake of the kids because watching daddy beat up on mommy is often worse and it makes kids turn into what Brown is today. Classic text book example.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Karen: Brown is "young", uneducated and trained to react violently. He will do this again. He may just pick a less well known target. This interview didn't help him in the eyes of sane people who don't make excuses or the white executives at the companies his management want to approach for endorsements. I will be prepared to boycott any company that does business with him.

Meursault1201: Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the archives. I recommend the Deploying A Little Negro Spirit series, the DBR series and Transphobia posts.

Renee: The acceptance and defense of criminality is part of the downfall of blacks in the US.

AnnKura: Hey how have you been? Counseling was what he should have received BEFORE. Now it's about facing consequences which he doesn't want to do. He has the nerve to be complaining about Oprah's comments about his behavior. He will hit someone again. It's only a matter of time.

PPR_Scribe said...

I had to turn off a radio program the other day because of all the women--most who, to me, sounded white young--who were calling in to voice their support of Brown. That continued support as well as blaming of the female victim by other young Black women is the truly tragic aspect to this story.

Welcome said...
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Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

PPR_Scribe: You know what? I can't be bothered with women who are actively taking part in their destruction. It's utter foolishness! Let them be in trouble and encounter someone with their callousness and maybe they'll get a clue. They are just as dangerous as the abusers.

Patricia Kayden said...

What I find scary is the BW who stick up for Chris. When I discussed this with several BW co-workers, they brought up rumors that Rihanna had given him an STD. It was almost as if because she gave him an STD, it was alright for her to get a beat down.

Of course, I don't believe that STDs have anything to do with his violent behavior. The STD angle seems to be a rumor that spread rapidly in an attempt to justify Chris' violence and lack of self-control.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Patricia: I also have had conversations with women who think Brown will redeem himself. Perhaps but he has to take complete responsibility for his actions, seek therapy and change his behavior. He should also not be publicly whining about how Oprah hasn't given him a "chance" at a time when he had hidden behind a wall of silence. I still say the only reason anyone of this came to light was because the woman in question was more famous than him and the white media jumped on this condemning him immediately. As we see blacks, and even more disgustingly black women are very kick to dismiss, excuse or ignore these violations. As far as I'm concerned not only has he NOT learned anything, he is NOT remorseful and WILL do this again. Mark my words. Hopefully it will not be covered up by his handlers. His momma will still be there crying these sad tears talking about how her "baby" is a good kid and how "something" went wrong.