Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oprah Might Relinquish Her Crown..Discusses Whitney Houston

The queen of all media just might be announcing the end of her show. Oprah Winfrey left a teaser with Good Morning America as she promoted the newest season. Can you believe it's been 24 years! I grew up with Oprah and can't imagine a time when she wasn't around. It has been nice to see her evolution as a force to be reckoned with.

Nobody will be able to fill the void that will be left once Oprah moves on. NOBODY. Whitney Houston appears in a 2-part interview starting Monday that is likely to be one of the biggest seasons ever. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood interviews Oprah speaking her truth and discussing Whitney. I wasn't that Houston's appearance until the zinger portion of the interview.
Did you get the part where they discuss how Whitney tried to shrink herself to remain in a relationship with (my words) an inadequate man? We all know what Bobby Brown came with (less funds, baby mommas, a stalled career, etc). This is gonna be deep.....
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bwdb said...

I hope BW will be paying attention to that part...Whitney is personally responsible for her choices, but look at how such a choice can impact every aspect ones life...Sadly, it doesn't appear that Whitney have the respect, fame and following she was known for...

"...Did you get the part where they discuss how Whitney tried to shrink herself to remain in a relationship with (my words) an inadequate man? We all know what Bobby Brown came with (less funds, baby mommas, a stalled career, etc). This is gonna be deep....."

bwdb said...


Last sentence should have been 'has' not have...

Renee said...

I think part of the reason that people were so shocked with Whitney's descent was the purer and pure image crafted for he by Clive Davis. No one really had any idea what Whitney was about and when she got together with Bobby it shocked many. Whitney made the decision she did and I think she should own them.

Tam said...

I agree Renee. While I love her voice and just bought her latest offering, Whitney’s image was crafted to be America’s sweetheart. We never knew what Whitney’s personality was like.

When she married B. Brown I was dumbfounded, but wished them the best. Then the middle years when BB went off to prison, I started to really think what kind of woman would stand by that type of man?! Then when Whitney greeted her man by jumping in his arms after his prison stint, I had my answer. Not to mention his (really their foray into reality TV). Let’s keep it 100, if Whitney did not appear in that show no one would have watched.

I believe Whitney probably came from a good and decent family, but she had her own curiosity about “the outside world”. She also, more than likely, had more access to a lot of stuff. B. Brown on the other hand, came from the underclass and that is all he wanted to know.

I was never of the opinion Whitney was damaged by him. I personally believe she was the major cause of her own destruction.

All of that being said, I am happy to see she is back. I hope that period of her life is far behind her; and I wish her nothing but continued success. She was number 1 this week. Keep up the good work, Whitney.

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Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...
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Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

CW: Yes Whitney is responsible for her choices. She's fortunate that she's had those loyal to her interests still around to help. I've always wondered if part of her drug use stemmed from a denial of orientation. They may have been rumors but I remember her being romantically tied to a woman for years before marrying Brown. Still I know a lot of women look up to her so I hope they will take the moments of wisdom and use them.

Renee: Yes I also remember certain AA blacks loudly proclaiming that Whitney wasn't black enough because of that well-crafted image. Of course her less polished self eventually was revealed...and then some.

Tam: Well Whitney's voice as it was at it's peak is looong gone. She can still sing rings around so many of these younger women being touted as the best things since sliced bread though. I'm not sure how much of the "damage" her doing or Bobby's. I suspect it was equal.

Lest anyone think this is a Whitney adoration fest with none of the analysis I still have a few problems with certain aspects of her career "comeback". Namely that she chose a song written by the Pied Piper of Child Molesters write her first single. Apparently they're friends and she doesn't believe he'd do that. If this is true then her denial runs very very deep and she can only be trusted but so far if anyone is inclined to consider her opinion on these matters of empowerment important. Either way I must cautiously weigh what I spend my money on and who I give financial support to.

K.C. Jones said...

As a fellow person in recovery, I hope all the best for Houston. When someone is an addict, there are no limits to what they will do. Even though I was in a different "cottage" and she does not know me or probably ever will-we attended the same recovery center at the same time and so in a very distant way, I consider her my sister and every now and then I pray for her recovery.