Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yeah..Um..I Guess Brownie Didn't Do Such A Good Job Afterall

It is the best of times but it is the worst of times. Shrub gave what was touted as his last hurrah and hemmed and hawed a lot. This was classic Charlie Brown - full of noise static. I could say reflection is too big of a task for a man with a feeble brain except our dearly departing President knows exactly what he's done. And what he hasn't. It's just the alcohol buzz or apathy talking. Either way he's just not that into us.  

I have a countdown ticker to the Obama inauguration on my sidebar but this also signals the end of this latest Bush reign of terror. May a Bush never hold office again. They still get to keep their Nazi money and be considered "respectable". So don't cry for them Argentina, ok?! 

Have you ever left clothes out in the rain and they smelled moldy? You washed them numerous times and though they were technically clean there was no way to get the stench out? That's the Bush administration and the state of where this government is. 

Obama may be so cool that he doesn't stink but even he won't be able to rewind time back to when things were corrupt but still manageable. I'm under no delusions about the true nature of those that seek power above all else and how many decent people are stonewalled from being productive. I don't care how many revisionists appear after the fact to present a rosy picture. Bush (and Cheney) were the worst things that ever happened to the United States. I have one thing to say: Katrina. 

Black bodies floating in the water. Formaldehyde poisoning. Leaving people to die to save off-shore oil reserves. Bush gets a big fat FAIL FAIL FAIL. And some of you have yourselves to thank for voting for the bastard. Now let's roll up our sleeves, tighten our belts and remember how we got here. We're going to need a lot of patience because we have a lot of work to do. 

It's not Obama's responsibility to clean it all up or to rescue us. That's on us. Should our incoming President do something equally foul I will be first in line to call him out on it, but I do NOT want to hear from any of those that stood by for YEARS as Bush destroyed this country brick by brick complaining about some nonsense. When a reporter who threw his shoes in disgust is facing a 7-year prison sentence but the crimes of these crooked politicians go un-prosecuted there is something inherently evil afoot. People in a position of power did NOTHING when it really MATTERED! They need to just zip it, take a seat and let a man with some INTELLIGENCE and INTEGRITY do what he NEEDS TO DO. 

Psych! Bush will give a Farewell Address on Thursday. He doesn't know how to quit us!
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