Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unfiltered Views on the (Latest) Middle East-Related Conflicts

I don't expect to see this being critically examined on my nightly news. Dismiss it if you will but this is definitely food for thought. Particularly in light of the economic instability spending $9B + annually on military aid for other nations is costing US taxpayers. Amongst other expenditures. We are responsible for allowing our gov't to do things in our name - especially as it begins to negatively impact a large portion of its citizens. 

There are some people who won't get overly emotional about taking a viewpoint one way or the other. As a Black person of American descent I'd like to ask what's in it for me and mine? What alliances have been negotiated that proves worthiness for my support? If I was in need of serious help and a place of refuge who and want entity could I count on? There's many citizens around the world who need assistance - some from my very own gov't! We should be the priority.

Some think a foreign country who wants to engage in armed conflicts should be paying for it themselves. Anything that important with those type of ramifications should be engaged very carefully. Especially considering yesterday's friend is today's enemy and such. I'd like to see an end to the rhetoric and double-speak and definitely the blank checks. It's nothing personal. We are seeing what happens when we leave our futures to the whims of others. We don't necessarily have the same interests and to pretend otherwise for a grand gesture will not clothe or feed us when things hit the skids.

Ron Paul discussing political fall-out from gov't meddling.

Israeli solider discussing his disagreement with his gov't and why.

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Unknown said...

It's funny because when you follow the money trail (and the weapons trail as well...), people really begin to see past the ideological differences and see it for what it is, dollar diplomacy.

What is also funny is how when times get rough, people begin to think OUTSIDE of the box. (I tell my wife that in the next midterm election, the legalization of marijuana will be a huge controversy in some regions -- it has begun!)

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hello Stranger: Funny I was just thinking about you and wondering how you've been! How funny. Yeah ideology doesn't put food on the table and there comes a time where we have to draw a line in the sand. I bet cutting off the funding and the "toys" would speed up that lagging peace process with a quickness! More people need to expect reciprocity for the support we're being forced to give.