Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Morning News Roundup

CBS: Offered commentary on the meaning of the Bush years. We don't need to review this now do we? They sucked. People rolled over and look at the mess we're in. There will be NO REVISIONIST HISTORY!!

PBS: Washington Week doesn't have video up for the latest show, but you can download a podcast. Gwen Ifill discussed the stimulus plan, the continuing Roland Burris/Senate spectacle and Obama's CIA pick. Nice but they need to step up with the technology.

ABC: No embeddable video directly from the site - what's up with these news orgs? Can't they get this is why they're losing viewers. That and the surplus of white hosts. 

The President-Elect met with the blatantly partisan Clinton stan Snuffleupagus to discuss his economic plan amongst other things. If George would stop trying to interject himself and pose gotcha questions Obama would be able to finish his point. I found myself yelling during the replay for George to just shut-up! I cannot recall any such fervor over the failed Bush policies during the past 8 years. It was old skool Oprah's Favorite Things "you get a tax break, you get a rebate check" to keep that Hope Train chugging away. 

With the promise of 4 million jobs it sure sounds good. I wonder however if this plan is going to implemented in a way reminiscent of trickle-down theory which was fairly useless to the average or below-average work force. Let's face it, people who make 6-figures are much more likely to recover from this economic slump than say a former coffeeshop employee or ex-felon trying not to re-offend. The higher earner may have more debt but proportionally would be in a better position to address repayments than someone who was living paycheck to paycheck. 

Still Obama hasn't given specifics - nor do I expect him to at this time. It seems members of his own party are the biggest problem magnets right now. Makes me want to re-register as an Independent! We will soldier on without all the trouble-makers and naysayers, but still hold our elected officials accountable and vote them out when necessary.

NBC: The only network that offers a video player that works consistently (the fail to play sweepstakes goes to CNN).

On "Meet the Press" Marshmallow (white, all fluff no substance) moderated a roundtable discussion about what they think the Obama economic plan. Feel free to skip at your leisure. The second half (around 23:00) was much more interesting. Bill Cosby, Alvin Poussaint, Adrian Fenty and Maxine Waters discussed the quality of life for Black folks - after shooting down Marshmallow's "sucks to be Black" diatribe. As if all Blacks share the same class status - they don't. Cutbacks hurt more people across economic lines than race, but the race of certain people is adversely affected. Waters thinks a rising tide will lift all boots and fixing the infrastructure will address a lot of these issues. Let's hope so.

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Liz Dwyer said...

I have been unable to watch MTP since "Marshmallow" (love it!) took over and George Snufflupugus gets on my nerves too much so I've been skipping the Sunday morning shows. I agree with you about the Democrats. They're the biggest bunch of crabs in the barrel EVER!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Morning Liz,

I don't watch the broadcasts. And honestly I skipped through most of it. But since the O Man sat down with his enemy I figured I could stomach it. The Waters/Cosby/Fenty roundtable was good though. Being excluded is bad enough but now we have to watch for Bob Johnson trying to start a new network of MORE foolishness trying to claim oppression status.