Saturday, January 31, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address

This should be subtitled the Good News/Bad News Scenario.

Well he's letting us know the economy is in the crapper! He's saying he showed up on Day One with things worse than ever. He's telling us things will deteriorate before they level off. We've been warned. This address is total CYA for him and putting those politicians that would try to thwart his plans on notice. 

I recall the Republican talking points up until their Convention from their candidate John McCain stating the fundamentals of the economy were strong (and still claiming it mid-September when the ish started hitting the fan). I remember #43 telling us it was just a hiccup, a slow down. Mistakes are one thing, but they were lying and dumped everything onto Obama. I shudder to think what would be happening right now if it was McCain/Palin in office. No matter what Obama does - or doesn't do - the bar has been set so low a mediocre Obama would still run circles around #43. Isn't that just pathetic!

I'm all for accountability, but I find it very telling that a real plan for destruction and disruption that the Republicans and their infiltrators (agenda traitors) in the Democratic party are planning is fully present and visible. If the horse has run off and is heading towards a brick wall how can you claim you're controlling it or that it's not loose. Once the horse has been corralled and someone else has the reigns how can you then claim you have ideas about how to lead that horse to water? You had free reign for 8 years! If you couldn't figure it then what makes you think ANYONE will believe you have any idea what you're talking about NOW?! Too much greed, too much spending and living beyond our means has brought us here.  

Everything Obama's saying about wanting to mend what I'm calling, The Great Big Financial Catastrophe sounds good. Unlike the Depression in 1930's wealthy people today have made sure to modify the laws to protect their financial interests by and large. So the majority of people going down will be the working class. The working poor are already screwed. 

At least he's speaking to the people directly instead of mumbling about abstractions to the press and claiming unqualified appointees are doing a "heck of a job". I do believe that #44 wants to do the right thing. I haven't seen any evidence that Obama is personally motivated by greed, avarice or ideology. If he didn't think he could do the job he would not have run. 

I just don't underestimate the obstacles we'll all have to climb to get over to the other side. If enough people want real change they will make personal modifications and adopt a shift in attitude. Everyone is not going to be helped in the way they want. That American Dream fantasy was always a lie. People have to stop spending money they don't have and live with less. Of course that will affect consumer-based retailers and other companies that depend on us buying every new gadget annually. It was never necessary and it needs to stop. Nor will I dismiss those shifty tendencies of  shady politicians looking to line their pockets or those easily influenced by evil. We're watching. 

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