Wednesday, January 28, 2009

President Carter on Current Events & President Obama

CNN aired the President Jimmy Carter interview on Larry King yesterday. I admit I have a soft spot for Carter who seemed like a nice man who got the shaft because he has scruples and didn't play into racial stereotypes. This is the man who infamously told Clinton to curtail his zipper problem so it wouldn't negatively impact the country. Supposedly Clinton didn't appreciate it and despite rumors to the contrary Carter claims they're friendly. Body language might suggest otherwise. Sometimes we need to remember to be humble, no matter what our position on the world stage may be. We see where that lead: from one unpleasant scenario into complete chaos! Now that the country has experienced what life is like under the hard right regime and more and more companies will go under, perhaps we will rethink how ideology causes more harm than good. I'm far more liberal than our current President but he definitely has the ability to reach out to people I'd just as soon spit at. So I'm glad for a reasonable, nuanced and intelligent leader for a change. Now we have to make sure the truly progressive voices don't get drowned out by the more combative elements circling. 

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