Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ah-Nold Channels A Little Palin & Shrub in 12 Minutes or Less

Sigh. Big Sigh. What can I say that hasn't already been said? During his latest State of the State address Schwarzenegger claimed the Dems and Repubs won't play together to agree on a budget and yet - and yet - he keeps vetoing everything put in front of him. He wants all of the non-elites to feast on cake because they'll be NOTHING LEFT after they've gutted EVERYTHING. California officially runs out of money in two weeks and he's still making excuses!! I mean this is ridiculous. He wanted to be Governator and that requires REAL LEADERSHIP. All he does is flap his gums and make excuses. He had the nerve to try to suggest that our Constitution be changed to allow foreign-borns to run for President. California is one of the largest gross national products in the world. Can you imagine how badly he would've messed up this country? Well we already have our example of ineptitude and callousness from really rich people who could care less and are incompetent. We are NOT going there again. I have my concerns (and joys) about the Obama administration but I know he's not anywhere close to some of the people running things. Geez. 

Photo: AP
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