Friday, January 9, 2009

Link Time

Where the future of media is headed.

Gov. Ah-nold joins Twitter but he still won't sign a budget without trying to cut the school year or raising the state sales tax to 10-10.25%. His previous attempts at gutting the SEIU, Teachers, Police, Nurses and Fire Fighters were unsuccessful though. One more year. One more year.

Coldplay joins with Oxfam in fighting global poverty. 

Blago got a recommendation for impeachment. Why didn't they do this in the first place? If you can recall so did Billy Jeff Clinton. We see how successful that one was. Fitzpatrick put in an extension request. If you're a prosecutor who needs an extra three months to do your job, you are either a hack or you have no real evidence. Which one is it?  

Host a movie screening of Violence Against Women and the Darfur Genocide and speak to experts on Feb 11th for Save Darfur and see their latest campaigns.

If you have a mother, wife, sister, cousin, or friend who's a female please support pay equality legislation. The Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is back and up for vote later today. Sign or call your representative!! 

Request your representatives adopt a fair and balanced policy in negotiating a cease-fire with the Israelis. From the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

For the CA residents. Voting for delegates takes place this weekend. This is the time to get involved in the political process to gear up for the 2010 election and beyond. Despite the crappy state of the economy, it's very important to stay on top of the gatekeepers and decision makers now when the chips are down! We don't need to our interests being sold out to the highest bidder by politicians who don't care or don't have the support of enough voters to make positive changes.

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